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5 Tips for progressing on Instagram


Introduction : Welcome to my article, thank you for reading me. Here are 5 tips to help you move forward on instagram. We’re going to learn some basics of instagram’s notoriety and popularity.

Convert your “personal” instagram profile into a “business” profile

This function is recent and free, (August 2016 for France) will allow you to have access to various additional features such as statistics on your publications, integration of contact data, and to be able to sponsor your publications directly in the application. If you click on “contact”, you will have direct access to call you, send you an e-mail or a private message (if you have chosen to fill in these fields).

Put it all on the stories!

This is THE central point that has been rehashed during these three hours of conference. Out of one billion registrants, Instagram claims 500 million story users in 2019. As a reminder, there were only 225 million in 2016. Video has thus become the main activity of the platform, which was known for its photo sharing. More engaging, this new form of communication must also be thought of in an interactive way.

Choose a content creator

Just like your other accounts on social networks, your Instagram account must be managed by one person (possibly two). If possible, choose a member of your team who understands the spirit of the platform and is familiar with all of its features.

If you work for a large organization, many people may want to contribute to the content.

Start posting

Once your profile has been created and optimized, the content manager appointed, and your shooting and photo editing skills refreshed, it’s time to start publishing.

We recommend that you post at least 15 posts before you start actively interacting with other users and move on to the next steps. That way, when users view your profile, their screen will be filled with photos and they will expect to see you regularly posting engaging content.

IGTV, profile page: use them all!

Although the stories are the foundation on which you should build your account, you should not neglect the other input channels for your audience. For this, Instagram uses the image of the pyramid. Above the stories is the news feed, which does not necessarily tell a story, but allows you to regularly feed the account and offer a different point of view.

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