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Discover my top 5 marketing tips on Facebook.

Create an Official Facebook Page for your Business

When we create a Facebook Page for our company, we have two options. Make sure to choose which one applies to your Page, but note that you can change the choice of this main category at any time.

Advertise on Facebook

Advertising for Facebook Pages is powerful and offers several options. If you need to add “Like” to your Facebook Page, advertising can help. If you want to redirect advertising to a Page on your Website, you can do so. If you want to create a contest and have participants, advertising will help.

For the budget, you set a daily budget and the duration of the advertisement (say 10 days). You can choose the geographic region of your ad, the age of Facebook users and other settings.

Think before you act

It is advisable to think twice before sharing content in a systematic way. Keep a certain perspective. Ask yourself if the content you post may go against someone or if it may play tricks on you.

Increase traffic to your site

The ultimate goal of successful people on Facebook is to use this social network to direct people to their website. Posting links to your website is an essential part of any content strategy on Facebook.

Some people are simply generating engagement on their posts and pages, missing the very essence of Facebook marketing.

The “Buy” button on your facebook page

It’s not for now, but it’s being tested by Facebook with a number of accounts.

The “Buy” button allows users to buy a product directly from their News Feed without leaving Facebook. Facebook takes care of retrieving their banking information at the time of the first sale and then keeping it for future purchases.

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