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TOP NEWS: 5 marketing tips for Twitter

Define a relevant user name or ID

Ideally, integrate your first and last name to define your login, for example “floriane bergon”. This will make it easier for other members to find you on Twitter. If the username already exists, reverse your first and last name to “geri.florian” or integrate variants of “florian_geri”.

Choose a background image that represents you.

Many profiles do not have a background image. Too bland, they are not conducive to engagement. Choose a quality image that suits you. The Canva site also offers interesting templates that you can modify as you wish.

Display a quality photo or logo

Many twittos decide not to follow certain accounts just because they don’t have a photo or logo.

Diversifying content format

Of the 320 million active monthly users, 78% use their mobile device to check their news feed. So you need to develop an editorial line that mixes formats that are easy to view on a smartphone or tablet with more elaborate content for viewing on a computer.

Analyze the best hours of publication

A study by Over-Graph shows that the average lifetime of a tweet is 4h04. This is already very short, but it can be even shorter if you post at the wrong time. Twitter tools can direct you to the hours of presence of your followers.


Think just before you post the tweet. Is it interesting, will it bring “added value” to your follower community?

Read it again:

a tweet, unlike an article, does not correct itself, unless of course you publish a second tweet … So, before clicking on the button, check that you haven’t made a mistake, that you mention the right people, that the right hashtag is used and that the link works well


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